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Its amazing to me how many RDA’s are currently flooding the market. Most of them are repeats of the same design and the prices that these are going for are often downright astonishing. With the high end topping out at $150 sometimes it all seems pretty ridiculous.

I’ve actually gone back to using my Youde IGO W as my go to RDA. Before you tease me about using a $10 RDA, let me explain. These things work just like all of the others. They’ve got a decent sized build deck and they also have a juice well that is more than adequate. If you know what you’re doing with your builds and wick technique there’s nothing you can’t do on this thing. And it won’t break the bank.

Also worth noting is that there are TONS of customizable top cap options now for the IGO W. This makes it more versatile than ever and you can really do just about anything you want.

Sorry to all the companies out there redesigning the same thing and selling it off as the “emperors new clothes” that you just HAVE to buy. Stick to the basics – they will serve you well!

My new favorite mod – the VTR!

In case you haven’t seen it yet – let me share my new favorite mod with you. This is the Innokin iTaste VTR and its beautiful! This mod is a hefty weight that fits in your hand, but the design is really unique. Its kind of a big brother to the iTaste MVP and offers a few new features and improvements for vapors who want to take the next step.

itaste vtr

The VTR features a removable 18650 battery so you can carry extras in case you need them. The battery is integrated into the overall design and the tank actually sits down in the mod which protects it a little from damage. If you travel a lot – or hate fiddling with mods – this is probably an excellent option to consider.

And here’s the really cool part – this mod features the ability for sub-ohm vaping! That’s right – the specs say it will fire to anything above .7 ohms, but I’ve heard reports of people firing it at .5 – this is a game changer. Most vv/vw mods such as the Vamo, the Zmax and other mods just won’t fire if the ohm reading is in the 1.3-1.5 range depending on your mod. This can be frustrating for people that want to sub-ohm.

There is a reason why these PV’s won’t fire – mainly because of safety. If you’re using a 18350 battery you risk the chance of blowing up the battery if you’re vaping below .8 or so. For safety reasons, these mods are protected from firing at this reading.

But since the VTR uses an 18650 battery – there are more options for safety protection that still allow you to vape at sub ohm readings.

So check out the VTR – you’ll likely be very surprised. Its a winner!

Electronic Cigarettes – Voltage vs Watts

New vapers usually get confused when they get their first VV/VW mod. To put it simply – VV/VW stands for variable voltage and variable wattage respectfully. So the advantage of using these settings is being able to dial in the exact taste and warmth for the e-juice the individual desires. These are two completely different modes and here’s how they work.

In variable voltage mode – you control the voltage based on the fixed 10.8 watt voltage coming off of your PV. There are mathematical ways to figure out what works best depending on the resistance of your coil, but the easiest thing to do is just dial it to taste.

Variable wattage on the other hand makes things really interesting. Wattage produces heat and greatly affects the flavor and vapor production. When using this mode, the chip in your PV will automatically adjust the voltage to the wattage you’ve dialed in. Its pretty much an “automatic” mode that allows you just to crank up or down the watts depending on how much heat you desire.

There are 2 great sources for you to read more. Check out this article on the ecigarette forum.

Also check out the Rip Trippers video below.

Happy vaping people!!!